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to the Air Filters Hawaii website. We provide the most effective air purifiers and vog filters at the best prices, guranteed.

The IQAir GC Series filters are the world’s most effective compact room air purifiers for the control of gaseous chemicals as contained in VOG. For Vog in Hilo, purchase the GC Chemisorber for maximum filtering of all particles and volcanic gases including sulfur dioxide gas . For all areas on the Big Island, Maui and Oahu that are atleast 60 miles form the volcano purchase the GC Multigas for maximum filtering of volcanic aerosols and particulate matter. If you are not in a voggy area but are suffering from mold, allergies, odors, dust, and sick building syndrome purchase the HealthPro Plus, the highest rated room purifier made.

If you would like to experience the finest air quality available in your home, contact us for a free in-home trial. If you are interested in a whole building air purification system contact us for a free consultation and estimate.

Let us know how we can help you improve your air quality and maximize your environmental health.

Air Filters Hawaii LLC

Recent Projects

The Kau Hospital on the Big Island hired Air Filters Hawaii to evaluate their facility and we installed IQAir Chemisorber filters in their operating rooms, waiting room, cafeteria and office areas.
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Air Filters Hawaii has begun work on the Cone Residence in Kihei which will be Maui’s first whole house vog free home utilizing whole house HVAC systems with Perfect 16 Multigas filters and HealthPro Plus filters.
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The Reipurth Residence in Hilo is being renovated to protect the home from oceanfront moisture using dehumidification and air purification. Air Filters Hawaii provided the interior air quality consultation and provided air filters for the entire residence.
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The National Park Service located at the Volcanoes National Park purchased a GC Chemisorber for their offices.
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We recently completed the installation of 25 GCX Chemisorber filters in 8 buildings totalling 25,000 sq ft for the Kulani Correctional Center.
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