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"The units we purchased are working wonderfully and we do love having them. It has made a big difference in my son’s congestion and allergies."

Jeanne A, Oahu – owner of two HealthPro Plus filters

"Your air filter has saved me from despair and I could not live without it. Instead of lying on the couch all day unable to function when the vog comes in, I now have a completely safe environment in which to go about my business. I think what you are doing is so important. I continue to spread the word..."

Laurel M, Pukalani – owner of a GC Multigas filter and bought a second one for her mother in Oahu

"Thanks Jim, we love the air filter, we run it at night in our daughter’s bedroom and it is quiet. if anyone in Hilo ever wants to see one they are welcome to come by our home to look at it. Hope to eventually save up for another one!"

Julie A, Hilo – owner of a GC Chemisorber

"I have COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and would like to thank you for providing a product that has dramatically improved my quality of life. Being able to wake up from a night's sleep with clear lungs is a godsend. The IQAir filter works so well that I would like you to deliver another unit to my office ASAP."

Mark S, Hilo – owner of a GC Chemisorber and bought a second one for his office.

"Daughter and friend’s daughter both report improvement in ability to breath. Friend’s daughter says she doesn’t sneeze in the mornings. My daughter notices the difference. My asthma is much better. Great!"

Eugene W, Oahu – owner of two GC Multigas filters & bought one for his neighbors daughter!

"Living only 2 miles from Halemaumau, when we get VOG it is very nasty. Your filter has enabled us to hang in there when the air is unfit to breathe outside the house. Thanks again for your prompt service and support!"

Ken G, Hilo – owner of a GC Chemisorber

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